Resume in a Day is for you if:

  • Updating your resume often ends up in the 'too hard basket', because  you are quickly overwhelmed by conflicting advice.
  • You have missed out on opportunities in the past, because you didn't have your resume ready to go when a role was advertised. 
  • When you start writing, you end up wasting a lot of time Googling what you should do.
  • The last resume update you whipped together for an incredible opportunity didn't do you justice, because you did at the last minute. 
  •  You take great pride in crafting your own job application documents. You don't want to outsource it, but you'd love some clarity and certainty.
  • You actually wanted to outsource, but when your dream job popped up, writing services at The Elite Collective were booked out!
  • You want an Elite service, without the price-tag.

"I completed the Resume in a Day course and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed it! It proves that there is always something new to learn and as I understand it, the world of job applications and resume writing is continuously evolving and so it's of great value to have people like yourself to reach out to."

- H, School Teacher


  • Work at your own pace. I called it Resume 'in a day' because if you want to, you CAN watch the videos and implement the teachings to craft your resume very quickly.
  • You have lifetime access to your learning portal, so you can access templates, re-watch videos and receive updates as the course grows over time. 
  • Four resume templates, ready to 'plug and play'
  • Detailed videos digging into the what, where and WHY for each section of your resume.
  • Learn how to frame your documents to capture all of the requirements.
  • Learn how to create a standout professional profile or value proposition. No 'Objective statements' here! 
  •  Formatting tip and tricks for each of the templates
  • Access to a private Facebook group to connect with other course participants and jobseekers, as well as ask me and the Elite team any questions you have. 


  • 'Going Beyond the Star Method' short course
  • "Nail your Next Application' Masterclass

"I have always struggled with my resumes, but this takes out all of the stress and guess work and makes the process of resume updating a total breeze. The instructions are clear and easy to follow and the end result is a polished and professional resume."

- Senior Legal Officer, Department of Defence


  • 'Going Beyond the Star Method' short course
  • "Nail your Next Application' Masterclass
  • Acing Your Interview ebook


As a VIP course participant, you receive a document markup and review as part of your experience.

Send your resume to me and I’ll get cracking on your markup and review.

Turnaround is usually 2 – 3 business days, and if you have specific concerns, don’t forget to flag them in the email body.  

You will receive light edits, comments, and suggestions on inclusions or areas you might be able to go a little deeper, or include more detail.

I’ll also flag it if I think you can reduce the length, or remove sections entirely to keep it succinct and ensure the focus on the RIGHT areas.  

Can’t I just ask my questions in the Facebook group?

Of course you can! That said, it’s been my experience as both a student and a facilitator that some people much prefer to have a closed, private container to ask their questions, and break down the step by step application of the teachings.